Our Departments


Comprises of both men and ladies with the main duty being to ensure that all GCF  properties and members are fully secured and that there is order during our meetings. They are also mandated to set up and maintain tents and anything else required in any of our meetings.



Works closely with the security department to ensure that the members and any visitor at GCF are comfortable and well taken care of in our meetings. They also help in cleaning and arranging of the chairs.



They Lead in praise and worship and may be called upon to assist in any other duties at the ministry especially during conferences



Kitchen Mothers

They are responsible for any meal consumed at the ministry on every Sunday with their delicious mandazi’s, samosa’s and chapatis. They are known to prepare the best pilau during our partners meetings.



They welcome members to the church and to any of our meetings from the entrance.



They set up, provide and run all the sound equipment at all our meetings. They are also mandated to record both audio and video messages of all sermons preached in all our meetings. It also has a social media team that ensures that the online members join us for our services through ustream, facebook, twitter, instagram and several social media platforms.




They are mandated towards ensuring that all the venues for our meetings are clean, well kept and decorated. They also lead in housekeeping i.e clean ups and gardening in all the ministry’s properties and venue for meetings.


Facilities maintenance

They clean and maintain hygiene in the ministries new facilities center.



This team makes it possible for the world to access our DVD’s, CD’s, books and other promotional materials. They also ensure that you can view us from any corner of the world. It is an enabler of evangelism through technology


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